Talbott, Hudson

Hudson Talbott is the author/illustrator of 27 books for young readers. His first book, “We’re Back”, was made into a feature length film by Steven Spielberg. His second book,”Into the Woods” was a collaboration w/ composer Stephen Sondheim, based on his Broadway musical. His book with author Jacqueline Woodson, “Show Way”, also became a musical, premiering at the Kennedy Center and now touring the country. His most recent book,”A Walk In the Words”, his memoir of how he overcame his dyslexia through art, won the ALA Schneider Award for books addressing learning challenges. www.hudsontalbott.com


“Show Way” – Newbury Honor Book, “Leonardo’s Horse” – ALA Notable, “A Walk In The Words” – ALA Schneider Family Award.

3 Fun Facts

1. I was in an elephant stampede in Africa while doing research for my book “Safari Journal”.
2. I was traveling with a jungle doctor in the Amazon Rainforest doing research for my book “Amazon Diary” when the motor on our dugout canoe lost power and we had to drift through headhunter territory.
3. I was on the original album cover of the Village People, creating the role of the cowboy.