Sibson, Laura

After a career in undergraduate counseling, Laura Sibson pursued an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. When she’s not writing in a local coffee shop, you can find her running the neighborhood streets or hiking with her dog. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their two sons. The Art of Breaking Things is her debut novel.

3 Fun Facts

1. When I was sorted as a Gryffindor, I wasn’t sure how to feel. I thought for sure I’d be a Hufflepuff, but my sons were like: You’re *so* Gryffindor.
2. I am a “pantser” who wants to be a “plotter.” Please, Plotters, tell me how to mend my wicked ways!
3. I crave the outdoors. I will write on my back deck, weather-permitting. And I always work out plot problems when walking my dog in the woods behind my house.