Sementilli, Isabella

My name is Isabella Sementilli and I am 15 years old. In 5th grade, I was the victim of a bully who pulled out my chair as I went to sit down. I suffered a concussion, fractured tailbone and back and neck injuries. I was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating headache disorder (effects from the concussion). Everyday activities for most people-reading, watching television, using a computer, washing my hair, even chewing are extremely painful for me. Since I could no longer tap dance or play tennis, I learned to knit and bake. I sell my cookies and donate to anti-bullying and brain injury awareness organizations. I wrote The Short Story of One Tough Cookie. A True Story to share my story so that no one else has to go through something like me. I am on home instruction. I live in Niskayuna with my mom Pola, dad Guy, brother Santino, and my chocolate lab Luca.

3 Fun Facts

1. My faith is very important to me and I collect rosary beads.
2. I suffered two concussions and now have a rare and debilitating headache disorder-it’s an invisible injury!
3. I love to knit and crochet!