Saks, Dan

Dan Saks is a musician, music educator and author. He has lived and taught in NYC, Mexico City, and Switzerland and has traveled the world as a performing musician. He is the creator and host of Noodle Loaf, a popular music education podcast for kids which has been awarded a Webby Honor and the Common Sense Media Seal of Approval. He is the author of a board book series celebrating diverse family experiences, (FAMILIES BELONG, FAMILIES CAN, FAMILIES GROW,) and a board book series about community (WE SHARE THIS SCHOOL, WE SHARE THIS EARTH, WE SHARE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD).


FAMILIES GROW – SLJ & Kirkus Starred Reviews, FAMILIES CAN – NCTE Notable Social Studies Book (2022), FAMILIES BELONG – Imagination Library, NOODLE LOAF – Common Sense Media Seal

3 Fun Facts

1. I’ve played banjo in Mexico.
2. I’ve played piano in Switzerland.
3. I’ve sang everyplace I’ve ever been.