Rotner, Shelley

Shelley Rotner is the author and photo-illustrator of 50 award-winning children’s books. Her books are mostly about

diversity and the environment. It is her hope that they will lead children and their parents and/or teachers to engage in conversations and inspire observations and curiosity about the world they live in.

Some of her recent books include: Colors, Hello Autumn!, Hello Spring!, Hello Winter!, Hello Autumn, Grow! Raise! Catch! How We Get Our Food, Whose Eye am I?, Families,  Body Actions, and All Kinds of Friends. Coming this year: Shapes and What’s the Weather?

University of Maine Correll Book Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Informational text- Families.-packed with photographs of families of many different sizes, shapes, ages and colors.”
Hello, Spring! Starred Kirkus review
Grow, Raise, Catch!  Subaru nonfiction finalist and Green Earth Book Award.
Garbage Helps our Gardens Grow– Green Earth Book Award-

3 Fun Facts

1. I never went to kindergarten
2. I stand on my head almost every day
3. I’m a photographer because I don’t know how to draw very well.