Rafer, Angeli

Angeli Rafer is a Filipino-American illustrator and comic artist based in the diner capital of the world (AKA New Jersey). She is a self-taught digital artist, with a passion for telling stories about everyday magic — from cooking and first crushes to cute animals and bad puns. Her first graphic novels include Ghosts Don’t Eat Potato Chips (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #3) and Dragons Don’t Cook Pizza (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #4). Her work also appears in several anthologies: Hellcat Press’ Screams Heard Round the World, Dark Lady Returns, and the Sequential Artist Workshop’s Rhythms. https://angelirafer.com/

3 Fun Facts

1. I love to draw cute dogs and have drawn over 200 daily dog doodles as an art challenge from 2016 to 2017.
2. I practiced kendo–the modern Japanese martial art based on kenjutsu that uses shinai (bamboo swords) and bogu (protective armor)—for 6 years, and now practice archery for fun.
3. I worked on an archeology dig site in Italy and learned how to reconstruct Roman vases for a museum display.