Primiano, Jay

Jay Primiano is a poet, performer and most recently, children’s book author. Like his co-author, John Rocco, Jay Primiano was raised on fishing boats. He started working on a commercial lobster boat when he was eleven years old and still has a deep connection to the waters of Rhode Island, where he spends much of his free time teaching his daughters how to catch dinner. He lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Visit his web site!

3 Fun Facts

1. “My favorite time to write is in the morning; early in the morning before it really feels like morning and it still seems like night time. It is at this time that I can relate best to my characters; tough working people with much to prove after the sun rises.”
2. “I still hold a full ‘Principal Effort shell-fishing license’ and I often work as a professional clam-digger on Narragansett Bay. Working in the fishing industry satisfies my need for exercise, desire to continually discover and my interest in the lives of the people in the business of defying nature every day.”
3. “I was a professional soccer coach at the University of Rhode Island for thirteen years; coaching the URI Men’s Soccer team while they participated in the Atlantic -10 Conference in the NCAA’s Division I. And as a result of this experience, I’ve traveled to fourteen different countries.”