Muntean, Michaela

Michaela Muntean has written dozens of books including many for Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Little Golden Books. Two of her most recent books include Do Not Open this Book! and Do Not EVER be a Babysitter! Both feature an incredibly crabby (but funny) Pig. She is also the author of Stay, a true story about a circus performer who rescued ten dogs no one else wanted and trained them to perform in a circus act. She lives in Ghent, New York, with her husband, author Nik Cohn, and their rescue dogs, Beau and Tess.

Keystone to Reading Book Award
Grand Canyon Reader Award
Charter Oak Children’s Book Award
Bank Street CBC Best Children’s Books of the Year

3 Fun Facts

1. I wish I could sing, but I can’t. In fact, a music teacher once asked if I could just “mouth the words” so that those around me wouldn’t be thrown off key.
2. I might stink as a singer, but I am excellent at mini-golf.
3. I went to welding school. So, if you ever need something welded, I could do it for you.