Magaziner, Lauren

Lauren Magaziner is the author of Wizardmatch, Pilfer Academy, and The Only Thing Worse Than Witches. She grew up in New Hope, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she writes full-time and frequently uses her wizard power: the ability to turn vegetables into cookies. Her upcoming fourth book, a pick your path mystery series called Case Closed, releases in August 2018.

3 Fun Facts

1. I’ve been in three different food fights! (Which came in handy for when I had to write a food fight scene in Wizardmatch.)
2. I started writing novels at 13… but it took 11 years of practice before one got published!
3. Most of the characters in Wizardmatch are named after my real life cousins. Like the main character Lennie, I have a large and loud extended family!