Gopal, Jyoti Rajan

Growing up, Jyoti lived in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, China and India. She finally settled in New York where she raised two daughters with her husband (who also grew up all over the world). As a child, she adored and devoured books but did not enjoy writing. At all.

As a grown up, she is a forever kindergarten teacher and mom. She still adores and devours books. But now, she likes to write!

NYPL Best Books 2022, SLJ Best Books 2022, Bank Street Best Books 2022, Book Page 10 Best Books of 2023, Shortlisted for Neev Literary Award (India, 2023), Kirkus Star, PW Stars, SLJ stars, BookList stars

3 Fun Facts

1. I drank horse milk when I traveled in Mongolia.
2. I once was in a commercial for ramen.
3. I speak 6 languages