Hartland, Jessie

Jessie Hartland has lived and worked in Lower Manhattan for over 30 years. She has painted murals at a Japanese amusement park, designed Christmas windows for Bloomingdale’s, and illustrated posters, ceramics, packaging, fabrics, watches and all sorts of other things.

Jessie has written and illustrated numerous children’s books on a variety of subjects, from meteorites & dinosaurs to Julia Child and Steve Jobs. Coming out this year is “My Tiny Pet” about a girl and her tartigrade. Her books have now been translated into over 13 languages. www.jessiehartland.com

3 Fun Facts

1. I collect CANDY. I have a candy collection that I’ve picked up from all over the world
2. I like poodles and jazz. I have a standard poodle named Django, after Django Reinhardt.
3. My next book coming out, “My Tiny Pet” is about a pet TARTIGRADE