Biedrzycki, David

The moment his brother showed him how to draw a face when he was 4 years old David Biedrzycki has been hooked on drawing ever since. In his early years he created stories for his parents and friends. A commercial artist since 1980 his work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, book covers, billboards and even ice cream boxes. The supermarket is like a gallery of his work.

Now he has now returned to his first love of picture book storytelling. He has illustrated close to 30 books including self-authored and award winning Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective series, Me and My Dragon series and his newest series Breaking News Bear Alert, a Junior Library Guild Selection and winner of book the Illinois Monarch Picture Book Award and the Georgia State Picture Book Award. David travels the world extensively to over 100 schools a year sharing his digital book making process with aspiring young writers, illustrators and readers.

3 Fun Facts

1. I love to fish but I leave it up to my son to take fish off the hook. I hate touching slimy fish.
2. I have not used paints and brushes in almost 20 years. I do all my art digitally.
3. I met my wife of 36 years in kindergarten.